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Dog Days of Summer.

May 29, 2008

This is my daily schedule so far.

1pm Wake up, stare at the ceiling for 30 minutes

1:30 Wash face, eat breakfast

2:00 Surf internet, check email, occasionally blog

3:30 Eat something

4:00 Go to library and read magazines

5:00 Gym

6:00 Eat, shower

7:00 Do something

8:00 Watch TV

11:00 More Internet surfing

1:00 Read a book (currently The House of God)

3:00 Sleep

This schedule isn’t bad at all. I feel very relaxed and pretty happy throughout the day. Sometimes I get bored though.  This schedule will probably change once I get a job . . . if I get a job. I thought as a pharmacy intern it would be relatively easy to get a job, but apparently that is not the case. Something always falls through. Oh well.

In other news, it’s nice to see that someone is reading my blog, even if it is just one person (AC). As long as people are reading/commenting, I’ll keep writing. Can you all do me a favor and post a comment so I know if anyone else is reading? Thanks.


Manu is back!

May 26, 2008

Finally! Ginobili was back to himself in game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. He was hitting in your face threes, pullup jumpers, and crazy scoop layups. It was about time he started scoring for the Spurs. In games 1 and 2, he was horrific. I mean Ginobili wasn’t really there. I thought it was a clone who had half the skills of the original Manu. In the first two games, he looked really tired. If you looked closely at his face, it was pale and there were dark circles in his eyes. His shots were way off and he couldn’t stay in front of his man on defense.

In game 3, that all changed. The Spurs were down 15-8. Ginobili then drops two straight 3-pointers. That was a huge momentum shift. However, I thought the defining moment of “My name is Ginobili . . . Sasha Vujacic, I will own you from now to the end of the series . . .” was when he drove into the lane, did a pump fake, and shot an over-the-head hook while getting fouled. He made five treys and ended up scoring 30 points with 60% shooting in only 31 minutes.

Take a look at his highlights.

Make no mistake, though. Game 4 is a must-win for the Spurs. If they lose, they will go down 3-1 with two more away games. Then it will be near impossible for the Spurs to win the series. If they do win, they will be 2-2. We’ll just have to wait and see if the Spurs can equalize the series this Tuesday.

Happy Memorial Day.

Screw personality tests.

May 23, 2008

I seriously thought I was going to get this pharmacy intern position at this store. I submitted my application online which had a personality test. A few days later, the manager called me to set up an interview. The interview went really well and ended up with him saying, “Come back this Saturday for your drug test. You’ll be able to start working a few days after that.” Score!

Then a couple days later, he calls me and says, “Pharmacy Kid, I need to talk to you about the employee personality test. You ended up in the negative area. Kroger won’t let me hire you with these results. I’m gonna talk to my boss and see what I can do. For now, reapply and take the personality test again.” He’s a great guy. He really wants me to work with him, and I have to say that he’s a guy I would like to work with.

About the personality test, I found out I scored a RED, RED. Both sections I scored RED. That’s bad. I found out through the other pharmacist working at that store. Hopefully, I can still be hired. These personality tests are pretty stupid. Come on, look at me. My drug/crime history is as clean as pure cocaine hydrochloride. If pharmacy school had a personality test, I wouldn’t have passed it. I would still be in undergrad right now. I can’t believe a personality test is preventing me from working when everything else went fine.


May 18, 2008

My name is Pharmacy Kid. I just finished my first year of pharmacy school (P1). What an experience it was. The purpose of my blog is triple-fold: be a journal of my life, entertain readers, inform readers. I was suppose to start this blog a few months ago after reading great blogs such as Pharmacy Mike, Pharmacy Chick, and Angry Pharmacist. However, due to procrastination, studying, lazyness, and more studying I put it off. Now that I have nothing else to do, I can put as much time as I want into this blog.