Screw personality tests.

I seriously thought I was going to get this pharmacy intern position at this store. I submitted my application online which had a personality test. A few days later, the manager called me to set up an interview. The interview went really well and ended up with him saying, “Come back this Saturday for your drug test. You’ll be able to start working a few days after that.” Score!

Then a couple days later, he calls me and says, “Pharmacy Kid, I need to talk to you about the employee personality test. You ended up in the negative area. Kroger won’t let me hire you with these results. I’m gonna talk to my boss and see what I can do. For now, reapply and take the personality test again.” He’s a great guy. He really wants me to work with him, and I have to say that he’s a guy I would like to work with.

About the personality test, I found out I scored a RED, RED. Both sections I scored RED. That’s bad. I found out through the other pharmacist working at that store. Hopefully, I can still be hired. These personality tests are pretty stupid. Come on, look at me. My drug/crime history is as clean as pure cocaine hydrochloride. If pharmacy school had a personality test, I wouldn’t have passed it. I would still be in undergrad right now. I can’t believe a personality test is preventing me from working when everything else went fine.

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2 Responses to “Screw personality tests.”

  1. AC Says:

    I too failed a personality test (at CVS). I was told to take it again and lie because they are not allowed to hire you if you are red., You will score red if you are truely honest, never steal, and always show up on time. I think they assume no one is that perfect and that you must be lying.

  2. pharmacykid Says:

    I think you’re right that they flag the people who have high morals/ethics. Whoever developed these tests did not seem to think there are people who are always helpful, never late, and never cheat. It’s a bad policy to hire or reject someone simply on this test. If the test raises red flags, they should investigate it via references, background check, etc. My background check is spotless and my references are the ones that helped me get in pharmacy school . . . so it doesn’t make sense.

    Thanks for commenting, AC!

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