Dog Days of Summer.

This is my daily schedule so far.

1pm Wake up, stare at the ceiling for 30 minutes

1:30 Wash face, eat breakfast

2:00 Surf internet, check email, occasionally blog

3:30 Eat something

4:00 Go to library and read magazines

5:00 Gym

6:00 Eat, shower

7:00 Do something

8:00 Watch TV

11:00 More Internet surfing

1:00 Read a book (currently The House of God)

3:00 Sleep

This schedule isn’t bad at all. I feel very relaxed and pretty happy throughout the day. Sometimes I get bored though.  This schedule will probably change once I get a job . . . if I get a job. I thought as a pharmacy intern it would be relatively easy to get a job, but apparently that is not the case. Something always falls through. Oh well.

In other news, it’s nice to see that someone is reading my blog, even if it is just one person (AC). As long as people are reading/commenting, I’ll keep writing. Can you all do me a favor and post a comment so I know if anyone else is reading? Thanks.


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