Does C=PharmD?

Ah yes, the ever present question. Does your GPA in pharmacy school matter or can you just cruise with straight C’s? To the best of my knowledge, the answer is, “It depends”. Most schools are cool with just a 2.0 overall GPA. However, some require a higher minimum GPA. According to UTPharm from SDN, “We have to get a 3.0 or above to stay in the PharmD program… however, if you fall below, you have 2 semesters to bring your pharmacy GPA back up above it. If not, you’re gone.” Can anyone verify this? I tried finding written proof of this online and the best I got was from this site.

Faculty Senate Approves New Academic Performance Standards
At the January 2004 University of Toledo (UT) Faculty Senate meeting, the senators approved a new set of academic performance standards for students entering the UT College of Pharmacy beginning Fall 2004. Under the previous policy, a GPA of 2.7 or better was required for admission to the professional division. The revised policy mandates that students in the professional division of the PharmD program maintain a 3.0 GPA and earn a “C” or better in core-curriculum courses.

So does it matter if you are barely above the minimum GPA? Yes, if you want to do a residency, or fellowship, or combined degree. These are getting more competitive every year and although grades aren’t everything, it is a main factor considered. Another reason you may strive for good grades is academic scholarships. I know for a fact that my school has scholarships for academic merit. If you get good grades, this may place a dent in your loans.

Personally, I strive for a solid GPA so I can keep my options open. Why would I purposely want to slack off and close possible doors? Right now, I am leaning toward a residency. I could easily change my mind and do retail/community. However, by keeping my grades up, I will have several different paths to choose upon graduation.


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  1. Nik Says:

    As a UT grad the last year that the BS.P. was available there I can confirm that you do have to have a 3.0 to get into the graduate program. The web info is more than a little inaccurate. The way that it works is the two years pre-pharm, then apply to upper division. There were 200 seats in upper division, but that may be less with mandatory Pharm. D. Since it’s highly competitive, you usually have to have higher than a 3.0 to get into upper division. Cut off for my class was a 3.4. The class behind me was something completely silly like a 3.8. Then after 4th year, you apply to graduate school. If you’re right on the line they will let you in, (I had a 2.95), but you’re under 1 semester probation to get that above a 3.0. I heard they were going to make the coursework a little easier because they were graduating such small classes of pharmacists, but haven’t heard anything lately since we don’t have any interns where I work. So as of 2004, when I graduated, this is the most accurate info.

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