I Wanted to Quit Pharmacy School

In my first year of pharmacy school, I underwent a period (about 3 weeks) where I insanely wanted to quit pharmacy school. It started about a month into my Spring semester. I looked at the current courses I was taking and saw the amount of tests I was taking for the semester. All the courses were pure science courses and I had 1-3 tests EACH WEEK. “F***!”, I said to myself. I didn’t want to put up with this for the next 3 years. So I sat down and calculated the total amount of loans if I dropped out this semester vs next year. Then I calculated the number of credits I would need to take if I wanted to complete a bachelors for undergrad.

I came up with this conclusion:

1. Drop out now instead of later. You’ll only have one semester of loans.

2. I can still get a bachelors on time with the same-year undergrads. I’ll just have to take summer classes.

This was going to be a HUGE decision. I slept on it, ate on it, took a dump on it, sat in class on it, daydreamed on it. I decided to e-mail a professor I trusted and asked to meet her. When we met, we talked about a bunch of stuff. It ranged from skipping my morning classes, residencies, my undergrad experience, extracurriculars, etc. When the meeting ended and I stepped out of her office, I felt an amorphous mix of relief and confusion.

So I decided to ask P2’s about wanting to quit pharmacy school. They shared similar stories about thinking of quitting pharmacy school to pursue something else. They also struggled with the many tests and still struggle to some point with the current course load. In the end, I decided this was a phase many P1’s go to. So I decided to bite the bullet and finish the semester. By the end of the semester, I totally was used to the workload. My first year GPA was pretty good. Not excellent, but good.

Part of being content with pharmacy school was the change in my mindset. I realized I was not alone and that most if not all my fellow colleagues were going through the same thing. We were all in this together. Also, I went to the gym more often. Weightlifting and playing basketball made me forget about everything else. In addition, hot girls at the gym helped.

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One Response to “I Wanted to Quit Pharmacy School”

  1. Pharmacy Mike Says:

    You’re going to be extremely happy with your decision to continue pharmacy school when you get that degree on graduation day. You’ll feel relieved, and more importantly, you’ll feel proud that you pushed yourself and accomplished something that wasn’t easy.

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