Other Possible Career Options

If I didn’t become a pharmacist, there were three other careers I probably would have pursued. They are dentistry, optometry, and veterinary medicine. Similarly to pharmacy, they are fields which give you many options upon graduation. In addition, they give a nice salary and a potential sense of fulfulment. Here is my mindset when I compared all the fields.



  • Great starting salary. Potential of top salary with being a partner or even owning own business is crazy.
  • High respect/prestige.
  • Doctorate degree
  • 8-5 workstyle (for the most part)


  • MOUTH. This was killer for me. I just couldn’t imagine handling the mouth every day. I just couldn’t. I can’t.
  • I heard the more dentists want to make, the more they have to work. Partners and owners have to deal with a lot of things such as payroll, overhead, hiring, firing, etc.
  • MOUTH. Not just the mouth, but blood and saliva in general.



  • I like eyes, their anatomy and physiology.
  • Doesn’t involve much bodily fluid
  • Good salary
  • Doctorate degree
  • Good respect/prestige
  • 8-5 workstyle


  • No optometry schools in my state. That means living out of state which equals higher tuition, traveling costs, leaving friends and family.
  • It is harder to own your business due to stores like LensCrafters and Hour Eyes.



  • I love animals, especially birds.
  • Doctorate degree
  • Good respect/prestige
  • 8-5 workstyle (depends where you work I think)

Chick: Hey, what do you do/study?
Me: I’m a veterinary student/veterinarian.
Chick: Oh, that’s cool! I have a dog.
Me: What kind of dog?
Chick: Chihuahua
Me: Cool, did you know that chihuahuas . . . go into long and detailed explanation of their history and health including a common health problem in chihuahas.
Chick: You really know a lot about them. Can you come later tonight to check if my dog has that health problem you mentioned?


  • Low starting salary for a doctorate degree ($50,000-$60,000). This wouldn’t be such a problem if tuition was low but it’s the same as, if not higher than pharmacy school.
  • Limited areas of employment compared to pharm, dental, optometry.
  • Animals can be smelly, loud, and uncooperative. They can poop and pee on you.

If the starting salary of vets was bumped up to $70,000-$80000, I probably would have gone to vet school. If there was an in-state optometry school, it still would be a toss up between pharmacy and optometry. If dentists didn’t deal with the mouth, I probably would have gone to dental school. For me, pharmacy was the right medium.


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