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A Haiku to Manu Ginobili.

August 26, 2008

X-factor of Spurs
Obiwan Ginobili
From Argentina


What Type Of Pharmacist Are You?

August 22, 2008!apha_pathways.welcome
Take this evaluation and see what type of pharmacist you are. The top score is unweighted and the bottom score is weighted. I think the top part is very inaccurate. I currently have 0.1% interest in mail order pharmacy as I need some face to face interaction. Also, there is a slim chance I would manage a chain community pharmacy. From what I heard, it’s not worth it because you have so many more responsibilites but the increased compensation is minimal.
The bottom part, on the other hand is much more attuned to my interests. I really want to become a specialist in oncology, intensive care, or infectious disease. Academia is also an interesting area, but I don’t think I will pursue it full time as the salary is lower than other areas. The following are my scores.
Your Results

The results of your career assessment are summarized below. The lower the score, the better a specialty matches your critical factor preferences.

We have calculated two different sets of scores. The first set of results indicate possible career matches based on all your critical factors. The second set of results consider the critical factors that you indicated were most important.

You may retrieve your answers to the Pathways Self-Assessment Tool at a later date. To do so, enter the Pathways ID listed below. We recommend printing this page or recording the Pathways ID for your reference. This ID cannot be retrieved at a later date.

Your Pathways ID: BIBLPW
The following careers matched your responses.
Specialty Total Score Reference
Compounding Pharmacy .48 Specialty Profile
Long Term Care .70 Specialty Profile
Mail Service .77 Specialty Profile
Clinical Specialists .87 Specialty Profile
Chain Community Pharmacy: Management .92 Specialty Profile
Independent Community Pharmacy .92 Specialty Profile
The following careers are based on your most important critical factors.
Specialty Total Score Reference
Clinical Specialists .16 Specialty Profile
Home Health Care .28 Specialty Profile
Academia: Clinical Practice .49 Specialty Profile
Community Health Center .50 Specialty Profile
Compounding Pharmacy .51 Specialty Profile
Government/Federal Pharmacy .67

Meet a Student Blogger

August 18, 2008

Check out this interview from Student Bloggers

This week’s Meet a Student Blogger brings us Pharmacy Kid of… The Pharmacy Kid.

Major – Pharmacy

Planned graduation year – 2011

Student Bloggers: Why did you start blogging?

Pharmacy Kid: I started reading pharmacy blogs about a year ago. It seemed there were not many pharmacy student blogs and that none of the current pharmacists blogged about their days in school. I decided instead of waiting, I should start my own blog.

SB: I noticed that you blogroll several other pharmacy/med blogs. Have you noticed a sort of community of pharm bloggers linking/commenting?

Pharmacy Kid: Definitely, most of the pharmacy blogs link to each other. The reason I read medical blogs is because pharmacy and medicine are closely related. I thought of becoming a physician but chose pharmacy because of the better lifestyle.

SB: Does your blogger anonymity extend to people you know in real life as well?

Pharmacy Kid: Nope. I learned that if you want to keep a secret, it’s best not to tell anyone. So I have told my blog to absolutely no one.

SB: Have you found any disadvantages to blogging anonymously?

Pharmacy Kid: Not really. You can be more open in your posts if you’re anonymous.

SB: Has blogging ever come up in your classes? If so, how?

Pharmacy Kid: Nope.

SB: Do you foresee continuing after graduation? If so, do you think you’d change format or your approach to blogging?

I really would like to. However, it’s not going to be easy as I will have to work full time. I probably would not change my blogging format. The content would just shift more to work and less as a student.

SB: Finally, what are the top three blogs you regularly read?

Pharmacy Kid: Pharmacy Mike, My Money Blog, Waiter Rant

SB: Final thoughts?

Pharmacy Kid: Thanks for the interview.

Some Old Folks Are Cool

August 13, 2008

Sorry about the sporadic posting. Until I get back from California on August 20th, I won’t be posting regularly. For now, here’s a conversation I had a while back and just wanted to share it with you all.

I was at the local grocery store looking for a certain brand of cereal when this very old guy, about 70 years old, started chatting to me. He was wearing a US Navy WWII hat. The following is the conversation:

Vet: Have you tried this cereal? (points to store brand Frosted Flakes)
Me: Only the brand name one.
Vet: Everytime I come here I buy them. This is good stuff. I always but two at a time.
Me: (smiling) Oh, that’s cool.

Then he starts walking away and then turns around and asks me . . .

Vet: Hey, how old are you?
Me: Twenty . . . I mean twenty-one. I just turned twenty-one a while ago.
Vet: You’re just twenty-one? You got a girlfriend?
Me: Oh, no. Not right now.

He then says something about girls but I can’t remember. Then I ask him . . .

Me: Are you a retired vet?
Vet: Yea, let me show you.

He opens his wallet and shows me a few cards. One shows that he served on the USS Missouri. Another shows that he worked in the Defense Logistics Agency. He points to the card which shows he worked there for about 37 years. That’s a freaking long time to work for one company. He shows another card which has the Japanese rising sun on the background. He then tells me how he worked in a grocery store and then was pulled away to fight. After the war, he tried working in a grocery store again and had to relearn most of the stuff. But then he quit soon after. He tells me somthing along the lines of try to learn whenever you are doing something. Then he says something about it’s good to have a girlfriend. Yea . . . he was one of those old folk that are genuine and like to interact with young people.

On Vacation

August 8, 2008

I just arrived to Los Angeles yesterday night. I’m visiting my three cousins for a couple weeks. I’ll be in LA for the next eight days and then the four of us will be going to VEGAS, BABY!!!! I’m taking my camera along and will be taking as many pics as I feel like. I’ll try to post them on a regular basis, but I might just post them all at the end of the trip.

One thing I love about LA is that there are no damn mosquitoes. I currently have about five mosquito bites from the East Coast. For some reason, I seem to be a whore for mosquitoes. They always bite me first even though I’m furthest away from them. They seem to bypass my other family members and end up borrowing my blood to make their babies. Damn female mosquitoes. Suck on someone your own size. In Los Angeles, I walk around at night and no flying bug ever touches me.

My cousins and I started a best of seven basketball series (2v2). Overall, I had a good game but my team lost. My estimated stats were 7 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals, 2 blocks. The game was up to 13 points. My partner and I ended up losing 13 to 15. At one time, we had game point. It was about 9:00 pm at that time so no one could see jack. Both teams missed up to 12 straight shots at one point. Somehow the other team made two shots and won. It sucks because we were suppose to win the game but couldn’t pull it out. I don’t know what hurts more, being crushed by the opponent or letting a game slip by that you KNOW you SHOULD have won. I always get this nagging feeling when I lose. It feels like a combination of dissapointment, regret, pissed-offness, anger (at myself). It ususally goes away the next day, but for now I’ll just have to redeem myself next game. The other team still has 3 games to win. It’s going to be a long series.

How to eat like a poor college student.

August 3, 2008

If you have a dining plan, try to make the most out of it. Before I leave, I always try to take a few fruits with me. A banana in my pocket, an apple in my hand, and an orange in my bookbag. If you’re really cheap or frugal, you can bring ziplock bags to make your own sandwiches at the dining hall and bring them to your room. You can bring bottles and fill it with soda or juice. Last year, I was thinking to “borrow” the coffee machine, but decided it would be too noticeable : )

Currently, I no longer have a dining plan. So for this summer, I bought my own groceries. On average, I spend only $100 a month on food which is pretty good. This is what I usually buy.

  • 20 frozen dinner meals @ $1/each = $20
  • 5 boxes of store-brand cereal @ $2/each = $10
  • 2.5 gallons of milk @ $4/gal = $10
  • about 10 lb of bananas @ $0.64/lb = $6.64
  • a dozen eggs @ $2/dozen = $2
  • some vegetables = $15
  • 2 jars of peanut butter @ 2/each = $4
  • 2 jars of jelly @ 2/each = $4
  • 2 packets of sandwich meat @ $3/each = $6
  • 1 packet of cheese @$3/each = $3
  • 30 packets of Ramon @ $0.25 each = $7.50

TOTAL = $88.14 (round up to $100 for little things I forgot to include)

I can’t remember the link, but on SDN, someone wrote that whenever a friend drove to Costco, they would tag-along. Then they would constantly eat free samples until they were full. That’s pretty hardcore right there.

Do any of you students or homeless people reading my blog know how to eat for cheap?