On Vacation

I just arrived to Los Angeles yesterday night. I’m visiting my three cousins for a couple weeks. I’ll be in LA for the next eight days and then the four of us will be going to VEGAS, BABY!!!! I’m taking my camera along and will be taking as many pics as I feel like. I’ll try to post them on a regular basis, but I might just post them all at the end of the trip.

One thing I love about LA is that there are no damn mosquitoes. I currently have about five mosquito bites from the East Coast. For some reason, I seem to be a whore for mosquitoes. They always bite me first even though I’m furthest away from them. They seem to bypass my other family members and end up borrowing my blood to make their babies. Damn female mosquitoes. Suck on someone your own size. In Los Angeles, I walk around at night and no flying bug ever touches me.

My cousins and I started a best of seven basketball series (2v2). Overall, I had a good game but my team lost. My estimated stats were 7 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals, 2 blocks. The game was up to 13 points. My partner and I ended up losing 13 to 15. At one time, we had game point. It was about 9:00 pm at that time so no one could see jack. Both teams missed up to 12 straight shots at one point. Somehow the other team made two shots and won. It sucks because we were suppose to win the game but couldn’t pull it out. I don’t know what hurts more, being crushed by the opponent or letting a game slip by that you KNOW you SHOULD have won. I always get this nagging feeling when I lose. It feels like a combination of dissapointment, regret, pissed-offness, anger (at myself). It ususally goes away the next day, but for now I’ll just have to redeem myself next game. The other team still has 3 games to win. It’s going to be a long series.


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