Some Old Folks Are Cool

Sorry about the sporadic posting. Until I get back from California on August 20th, I won’t be posting regularly. For now, here’s a conversation I had a while back and just wanted to share it with you all.

I was at the local grocery store looking for a certain brand of cereal when this very old guy, about 70 years old, started chatting to me. He was wearing a US Navy WWII hat. The following is the conversation:

Vet: Have you tried this cereal? (points to store brand Frosted Flakes)
Me: Only the brand name one.
Vet: Everytime I come here I buy them. This is good stuff. I always but two at a time.
Me: (smiling) Oh, that’s cool.

Then he starts walking away and then turns around and asks me . . .

Vet: Hey, how old are you?
Me: Twenty . . . I mean twenty-one. I just turned twenty-one a while ago.
Vet: You’re just twenty-one? You got a girlfriend?
Me: Oh, no. Not right now.

He then says something about girls but I can’t remember. Then I ask him . . .

Me: Are you a retired vet?
Vet: Yea, let me show you.

He opens his wallet and shows me a few cards. One shows that he served on the USS Missouri. Another shows that he worked in the Defense Logistics Agency. He points to the card which shows he worked there for about 37 years. That’s a freaking long time to work for one company. He shows another card which has the Japanese rising sun on the background. He then tells me how he worked in a grocery store and then was pulled away to fight. After the war, he tried working in a grocery store again and had to relearn most of the stuff. But then he quit soon after. He tells me somthing along the lines of try to learn whenever you are doing something. Then he says something about it’s good to have a girlfriend. Yea . . . he was one of those old folk that are genuine and like to interact with young people.

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