What Type Of Pharmacist Are You?

Take this evaluation and see what type of pharmacist you are. The top score is unweighted and the bottom score is weighted. I think the top part is very inaccurate. I currently have 0.1% interest in mail order pharmacy as I need some face to face interaction. Also, there is a slim chance I would manage a chain community pharmacy. From what I heard, it’s not worth it because you have so many more responsibilites but the increased compensation is minimal.
The bottom part, on the other hand is much more attuned to my interests. I really want to become a specialist in oncology, intensive care, or infectious disease. Academia is also an interesting area, but I don’t think I will pursue it full time as the salary is lower than other areas. The following are my scores.
Your Results

The results of your career assessment are summarized below. The lower the score, the better a specialty matches your critical factor preferences.

We have calculated two different sets of scores. The first set of results indicate possible career matches based on all your critical factors. The second set of results consider the critical factors that you indicated were most important.

You may retrieve your answers to the Pathways Self-Assessment Tool at a later date. To do so, enter the Pathways ID listed below. We recommend printing this page or recording the Pathways ID for your reference. This ID cannot be retrieved at a later date.

Your Pathways ID: BIBLPW
The following careers matched your responses.
Specialty Total Score Reference
Compounding Pharmacy .48 Specialty Profile
Long Term Care .70 Specialty Profile
Mail Service .77 Specialty Profile
Clinical Specialists .87 Specialty Profile
Chain Community Pharmacy: Management .92 Specialty Profile
Independent Community Pharmacy .92 Specialty Profile
The following careers are based on your most important critical factors.
Specialty Total Score Reference
Clinical Specialists .16 Specialty Profile
Home Health Care .28 Specialty Profile
Academia: Clinical Practice .49 Specialty Profile
Community Health Center .50 Specialty Profile
Compounding Pharmacy .51 Specialty Profile
Government/Federal Pharmacy .67

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