I’m Gonna Go For it. Gonna Ask This Girl.

I don’t know where to start.  This girl just makes me feel happy when I see her.  Her eyes are this mesmerizing gray/blue shade and I can’t help but stare and smile when she talks.  Her hair is blond, shoulder-length and kinda wavy.  She is attractive, but it is her amazing personality is what takes me away.  She is ALWAYS smiling.  It’s funny because she works at the tennis center.  I came in one day and asked the current person working what was the for the name of the smiling girl.  I described her physical features and the worker said, “You mean the girl who’s always smiling?”  I said, “Yea.”  Worker said, “I don’t remember her name but I know who you’re talking about.”

The girl works at the tennis center where I play.  I see her every Friday.  In a conversation, I found out shes majoring in chem engineering/life sciences (bonus), works at a pharmaceutical company, (bonus x2), and wants to become a pharmacist (MEGA BONUS).  Yea, she wants to become a pharmacist.  Anyways, she seems so nice.  So nice that I’m a little suspicious about how she is away from the tennis center.  Does she bitch at her family?  Does she cheat on guys? Maybe, I’m just paranoid.

But I can look at her and see she’s a good person.  (I have an uncanny ability to correctly judge people by looking at their faces and eyes).  I’m planning to ask her out this Friday.  Here’s my plan.

Call on Friday afternoon to make sure she’s working there.  Then go play tennis.  Take a water break and  when she’s alone start up some conversation.  Somewhere in there ask her, “What are you doing after work?”  If she says something that doesn’t seem important, I’m going to ask if she wants to eat dinner.  If she’s busy that night, I’ll ask her if she wants to eat tomorrow.

I can almost bet she’s not single.  If she is, then I’ll find out that day.  If she isn’t, well . . .

3 Responses to “I’m Gonna Go For it. Gonna Ask This Girl.”

  1. Alex Says:

    Good luck! Sounds like a great girl.

  2. Pharmacy Mike Says:

    Good luck

    In many ways, I feel your blog is like the exact opposite of mine. Mine comes off as depressing and pessmistic. Yours always seems to be hopeful and upbeat. Honestly, it’s refreshing.

    Here’s hoping she’s single.

  3. pharmacykid Says:

    Thx Alex, I’ll need it.

    Mike, blogs are not always a true representation of what we really are. I think you choose to blog your negative accounts of life and leave out happier times. It’s true I have an optimistic nature, but I have my fair share of bad times. I just try to find the silver lining in those times and learn from them.

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