My Personal Motto

This is Latin.  It stands for a healthy mind in a healthy body.   This is my personal motto.  I put it here as a reminder of my goal of personal perfection, to find limits and to break beyond them.  I strive to keep my body in peak physical condition so that my mind may have a sound temple.  Likewise, I strive to keep my mind optimal and alert.  I can not have one without the other.  This is my personal motto.


One Response to “My Personal Motto”

  1. Pharmacy Mike Says:

    I think this is a very good motto. I think it’s very much true. For the last 2 monhs, I’ve been really good about working out, and I’ve felt a lot sharper and happier than before. It feels really good to be back in some semblence of good shape.

    Guess what? Since I got back into shape, my game on the basketball court has come back a little. I found my jumpshot again, and I’m starting to finish around the hoop again. Looks like I wasn’t getting old as much as I was getting out of shape.

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