Rhodiola Rosea & Vitamin B Complex Day 1

Will be updating/editing every several hours or so.
12/03/08 (Day 1)


175mg rhodiola root extract = 5mg rosavin
Half capsule of Vit B complex


8:00 Took the aforementioned pills.

8:15 Didn’t feel anything

8:30 I am NOT a morning person.  I usually feel dead tired for at least a few hours after I wake up.  But 30 minutes into this experiment, I feel more alert than usual.

10:00  Feeling pretty good.  I think I’m hitting full effect now.

11:30  Alertness still up, but concentration falling just a tad bit.

2:00 Rhodiola and Vit B are definitely out of my system.  I can’t pay attention in class anymore.  Need nap.

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