Status Update

For a while I forgot that I had a blog.  I was only reminded when my mail account notified me of pending comments.

So  I finished my 2nd year of pharmacy a couple of weeks ago.  It’s hard to believe I made it this far and that I have only 2 more years to go.  In just two years I’ll have a PharmD degree and so many job options.  This year was insane though.  Nobody and I repeat NOBODY in my class enjoyed it.  You should have seen the look on some people’s faces.  It was a combination of boredom, sleepiness, and I disgust.

Right now I’m starting an unpaid internship with the hospital I did my IPPE at.  Yes, I’m working for free.  I refuse to work in a chain and it is hard to work at a hospital with no prior experience.  The DOP of the hospital said there will be a position in mid to late July.  So I’m just gonna work there in order to get some intern hours and then later I’ll start getting paid.

4 Responses to “Status Update”

  1. John @ pharm applicant database Says:

    I’ve heard that second year is a bit more relaxed than first year at the pharmacy school I will be attending. I guess it varies from school to school. Aren’t fourth years mostly spent outside of the classroom and in real pharmacy work locations?

    • pharmacykid Says:

      Yes it depends on the school, but most have the 2nd year as the hardest. It’s just that there’s so much shit to memorize/learn. It’s hard to know what to filter for tests and being a good pharmacist. Yes, fourth year is all rotations where you practice in different pharmacy settings.

  2. Cathy Lane RPh Says:

    Second year definitely toughest. First year hard but personally motivated from all the pre-pharmacy courses at the local community college, plus getting into the program. But, dropped out at the end of 2nd year–had met and married my future husband– and wasn’t spending enough time on memorizing biological pathways, molecular structures, organic equations, finding my unknown bacteria in Micro, etc. Five years later and a child, and was so ready to hit the books again. It seems the rest of pharmacy school went like a breeze. Graduate courses can be tough, especially if working full-time, and have to come up with individual projects, but firmly convinced (in my mind) that there needs to be something called ‘Post-Grad Update 701’ for all of us that need to cohesively update our knowledge.

  3. California Pharmacy Schools Says:

    Good luck 🙂 I am only in my first year of pharmacy school and its tough!

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