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Mexicans are Mobile??

June 23, 2009

All pharmacy students know that memorizing the generic, brand, and dose of the top 200 drugs is essential.  Some of them are hard to learn so I make some crazy memory aids.  One of them is this.

Meloxicam, the generic, sounds like “Mexican”.  Mobic, the brand, sounds like “mobile”.  So in my mind I imagine that Mexicans are mobile because they can pick up their belongings and move anywhere!!

I can’t believe I just typed this.


How I Feel About You

June 11, 2009

It’s late right now.  I can’t sleep so I’m going to post.

What I want to say out of appreciation

Dear EGF

When we were together, you made me so happy.  I miss the smell of your hair and the touch of your skin.  For the most part, you treated me right.  You can be bitchy, but you never directed that bitchiness toward me.  I’m glad we met, but now that we’re not together, I do miss you.  I care about you.

Love, PK

What I want to say out of anger

Dear EGF

You’re OCD, a hypocrite, and a passive-aggressive bitch.  I treat you right.  I spend time with you, I go out on real dates, I never curse or yell at you.  I treat you with respect.  But I feel you don’t fully reciprocate the feeling.  Before we started dating, our mutual friend said I wasn’t your type.  She said you liked (adjective, adjective) guys.  That has always been at the back of my head.  I felt like no matter what I said or how I acted, you would never fully be with me because I wasn’t your type of guy.  For the past two weeks, I could tell you were ignoring me/losing interest.  To be honest, I could see your lack of interest and in return I lost interest in you.  Good bye.