Mexicans are Mobile??

All pharmacy students know that memorizing the generic, brand, and dose of the top 200 drugs is essential.  Some of them are hard to learn so I make some crazy memory aids.  One of them is this.

Meloxicam, the generic, sounds like “Mexican”.  Mobic, the brand, sounds like “mobile”.  So in my mind I imagine that Mexicans are mobile because they can pick up their belongings and move anywhere!!

I can’t believe I just typed this.

4 Responses to “Mexicans are Mobile??”

  1. Pharmacy Mike Says:

    Speaking of meloxicam… this is something you probably didn’t know.

    We all know the only Cox-2 inhibitor left on the market in the US is Celebrex, right? What if I told you that’s not entirely true…

    Actually, the most Cox-2 selective drug on the market in the US right now is etodolac (Lodine). The second most is meloxicam 7.5 mg (The 15 mg dose loses some of it’s Cox-2 selectivity). Then comes Celebrex, which isn’t a whole lot more Cox-2 selective than diclofenac, which is 4th.

    That’s why Celebrex was able to remain on the market while Vioxx and Bextra were removed. Celebrex really isn’t all that special in regards to it’s Cox-2 selectivity. They just went out and got the indication for it.

    That’s your pharmacy education for the day.

  2. ninz Says:

    haha good one…since i will be starting pharmacy school this fall, i am going to have to find shortcuts like this to remember the vast amt of info that we have to memorize!!

  3. phathead Says:

    I’ve always thought Celebrex was merely drug speak for ‘Bullshit’. Thanks for confirming that Mike!

  4. Cathy Lane RPh Says:

    Jingles are good, too, e.g. MOA, generic, brand, drug classes, set to the tune of pop songs. You’ll never be able to sing American Pie the same after using it to memorize therapy regimen for newly diagnosed hypertensive.
    (Thanks, Mike, for the info! I’d suspected something like that in light of considering why when Feldene fell out of favor, Mobic made a resurgence and was placed on Wal-mart’s $4 list.)

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