NBA Arms Race

The 2009 NBA offseason has been pretty exciting.  A lot of big names have changed teams.  It seemed to start with one team obtaining a major player that would help them win the championship next year.  Then two teams responded with moves in order to keep up.  Then three other teams were forced to make trades.  Now there are at least several teams that have a legit chance of winning the Larry O’Brien trophy next year.  The following is who I think has the best chances of winning it all.


The Defending Champs.  They lost Trevor Ariza to the Rockets but obtained Ron Artest.  Basically, they traded a quick defender for a more powerful one.  Artest does score more but his shooting percentage isn’t very good.  He also punches people.  We still don’t know whether Lamar Odom will return.  If he doesn’t, it will be possible to dethrone the Lakers.  If he does return, it will be near impossible.  PLEASE MIAMI, LURE HIM AWAY!!!!


You know I’m bias.  Spurs could have been #3 or #4 but I’m sticking em here.  They obtained solid firepower with Richard Jefferson and a reliable big man in Mcdyess.  Just look at this possible lineup: Parker, Ginobili, Jefferson, Duncan, Mcdyess.


Rasheed Wallace is a versatile big, able to post up and shoot the 3.  If Kevin Garnett can be healthy, they will contend with the Cavs and Magic for the top spot in the East.


It was a hard decision placing the Mavs here instead of 2 or 3.  Look at their potential lineup: Kidd, Terry, Howard, Marion, and Nowitzki.  The new acquisition, Marion, gives them an athletic forward who can guard most people and score in transition.  I think their weakness is that they don’t really have a closer.  The Mavs always end up CHOKING!


They basically replaced Turkoglu with Vince Carter.  I don’t think this hurts or helps them.  They also lost two guards, Lee and Alston, which leaves them with Jameer Nelson who I think is a bit overrated.


The Cavs obtained Shaq.  I have no idea how they are going to do.

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