Septoplasty & Bilaterial Turbinoplasty

This past Thursday I had surgery on the inside of my nose.  The septum (the lining that seperates the two nostrils) was crooked.  This was probably due to the times I got hit in the nose while playing soccer/basketball during high school and college.  I also had my turbinates (fleshy part inside the nose) shrunken to allow more air flow.  I decided to have this surgery because I had so much nasal congestion the past few years.  It was interfering with my sleep, my studying, and my overall life.  I visited an ear, nose, and throat doctor and he confirmed my suspicions.  He said, “Yep, you have a deviated septum.”

Day 1

Surgery only took about an hour.  When I woke up, I felt very out of it. When I got home, my nose start to hurt and bleed profusely.  I felt like someone punched me hard in the nose so I took a Percocet and laid down and pinched my nose to stop the bleeding.  In addition, I had to breathe through my mouth because my nose was stuffed.  It didn’t help that my throat was sore because there was a breathing tube during surgery.  I made sure to take all my drugs on the first day.  They were methylprednisone (to lessen swelling & inflammation), cephalexin (to prevent infection), and Percocet (for pain).

Day 2

I feel better now.  My throat isn’t as sore and the bleeding has slowed down.  Because of my lack of appetite yesterday and today, I lost about 3 pounds.  I’m continuing to take my trio of drugs.  I also was able to start rinsing the inside of my nostrils with the sinus rinse.


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