My Favorite Learning Software – ANKI!

Anki is my favorite learning software.  I think it might be my favorite software overall.  It is SO efficient.  It’s a flashcard program based on spaced repetition learning theory. Anki has four options where you can mark it “again”, “hard”, “good, or “easy”. You know how you make paper flashcards and then go over them over and over again? Well, that’s a waste of time because you’re reviewing the cards you know too often and the ones you don’t know too late. But in Anki, if you mark “hard”, it’ll show the card sooner. If you mark it “easy” it’ll show the card much later. Very efficient. If you wanna learn more about spaced repetition, click on the following jump. I love you Anki.…urrentPage=all

Also, Anki allows you to type in your answer. For me, I made cards to practice typing brand and generic. I also have the dose on each side. It’s almost exactly like taking those damned quizzes in skills lab. I’ll try to upload the deck later.

Also, Anki can be run on your desktop, through your web browser, on your phone, or IPOD touch. It syncs itself so if you study online and then use the touch, you’ll start where you left off. I love you Anki.

Oh yea, anki is FREE!!!!!!

I know this sounds like a commercial for Anki, but that’s because I really love it. I discovered this fine piece of ass . . . I mean software this past summer. My only regret is not finding it 2 years ago when I started rx school. This semester, I’m gonna start an experiment by putting in Anki ALL my notes and just studying that way. I really suggest you all try Anki, you have nothing to lose. I love you Anki!

For more info on anki, go to


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