Indian Health Service (IHS) Rotation – Part 2

Thursday, xx/14/xx

Today I counseled one discharge patient on her meds for 30 minutes.  In case you didn’t know, the IHS  is required to counsel on each patient each time.  It doesn’t matter if the drug is new or a refill.  So this lady had at least 10 meds.  I counseled on each one and gave her one of my medication calendars.  I started on this calendar during my first rotation and was able to finish it this rotation.   It’s a monthly calendar where the patient can check off each time they take their med for each day of the month.

Friday, xx/15/xx

So I had Coumadin clinic today.  It was my second time so the pharmacist gave me more responsibilities.  He asked me whether the dose should be lowered, kept the same, or increased for some of the patients.  A few times during the day when I called in the next patient he would just leave for some reason so I ended up deciding the drug dosage as well as counseling the patient.  Of course, I would wait until he came back to check if he agreed with my plan.

I really like clinics and ambulatory care in general.  It is one of the few things in pharmacy that I can see myself doing for the rest of my life.  I don’t like hospital inpatient or outpatient.  I don’t like retail.  I don’t like research.  I don’t like management.  I’m just glad I know what I want to do in pharmacy before I graduate.

Saturday, xx/16/xx

Today, I traveled San Juan Skyway aka “The Loop”.  It’s beautiful.  I took some gorgeous photos.

Monday xx/18/xx

Today’s about the midpoint of my rotation.  My preceptor gave me his midpoint evaluation of me.  It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Basically he said, “You’re passing right now, I can’t give you a high pass or honors as of now.  After talking to some pharmacists, it seems like you lack motivation.”  ????  Ok, maybe there is some misinterpretation going on.  If a pharmacist asks me to do something, I’ll be polite and do it.  I won’t flash a gigantic smile and clap my hands and say,”Yeaaah!!!!”  Anyways, I did well in my previous rotations and maybe this is just miscommunication.  I’ll just have to up my game and change their interpretation of my behavior.

Saturday xx/23/xx

Today I went to the flea market, befriended a stray dog, and visited “the Rock”.

So I started the day with my roommate at the flea market.  We went around to the different vendors for about an hour.  There we the fried bread and mutton.  The bread was pretty good but the mutton was chewy as hell.  I decided I couldn’t finish the bread and mutton and packed it to go.  As we walked back to our place, a stray dog crossed the street and followed us.  He followed us a mile to our place.  We decided to feed him and pamper him.  Then my roommate and I decided to go sightseeing.  He picked up the dog and put him in the back of the station wagon.  LOL.  Went we got to the sightseeing place, we put the dog on a leash and explored the rocks.  Surprisingly the dog didn’t’ complain about being leashed.  After enough exploration we went back home.  We took the leash off the dog and he sat in front of the house for a few hours.  Then after a while he disappeared.  We haven’t seen him since then.  Funny Dog.

Good times.


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