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Meet a Student Blogger

August 18, 2008

Check out this interview from Student Bloggers

This week’s Meet a Student Blogger brings us Pharmacy Kid of… The Pharmacy Kid.

Major – Pharmacy

Planned graduation year – 2011

Student Bloggers: Why did you start blogging?

Pharmacy Kid: I started reading pharmacy blogs about a year ago. It seemed there were not many pharmacy student blogs and that none of the current pharmacists blogged about their days in school. I decided instead of waiting, I should start my own blog.

SB: I noticed that you blogroll several other pharmacy/med blogs. Have you noticed a sort of community of pharm bloggers linking/commenting?

Pharmacy Kid: Definitely, most of the pharmacy blogs link to each other. The reason I read medical blogs is because pharmacy and medicine are closely related. I thought of becoming a physician but chose pharmacy because of the better lifestyle.

SB: Does your blogger anonymity extend to people you know in real life as well?

Pharmacy Kid: Nope. I learned that if you want to keep a secret, it’s best not to tell anyone. So I have told my blog to absolutely no one.

SB: Have you found any disadvantages to blogging anonymously?

Pharmacy Kid: Not really. You can be more open in your posts if you’re anonymous.

SB: Has blogging ever come up in your classes? If so, how?

Pharmacy Kid: Nope.

SB: Do you foresee continuing after graduation? If so, do you think you’d change format or your approach to blogging?

I really would like to. However, it’s not going to be easy as I will have to work full time. I probably would not change my blogging format. The content would just shift more to work and less as a student.

SB: Finally, what are the top three blogs you regularly read?

Pharmacy Kid: Pharmacy Mike, My Money Blog, Waiter Rant

SB: Final thoughts?

Pharmacy Kid: Thanks for the interview.