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My Personal Motto

October 18, 2008

This is Latin.  It stands for a healthy mind in a healthy body.   This is my personal motto.  I put it here as a reminder of my goal of personal perfection, to find limits and to break beyond them.  I strive to keep my body in peak physical condition so that my mind may have a sound temple.  Likewise, I strive to keep my mind optimal and alert.  I can not have one without the other.  This is my personal motto.


How to eat like a poor college student.

August 3, 2008

If you have a dining plan, try to make the most out of it. Before I leave, I always try to take a few fruits with me. A banana in my pocket, an apple in my hand, and an orange in my bookbag. If you’re really cheap or frugal, you can bring ziplock bags to make your own sandwiches at the dining hall and bring them to your room. You can bring bottles and fill it with soda or juice. Last year, I was thinking to “borrow” the coffee machine, but decided it would be too noticeable : )

Currently, I no longer have a dining plan. So for this summer, I bought my own groceries. On average, I spend only $100 a month on food which is pretty good. This is what I usually buy.

  • 20 frozen dinner meals @ $1/each = $20
  • 5 boxes of store-brand cereal @ $2/each = $10
  • 2.5 gallons of milk @ $4/gal = $10
  • about 10 lb of bananas @ $0.64/lb = $6.64
  • a dozen eggs @ $2/dozen = $2
  • some vegetables = $15
  • 2 jars of peanut butter @ 2/each = $4
  • 2 jars of jelly @ 2/each = $4
  • 2 packets of sandwich meat @ $3/each = $6
  • 1 packet of cheese @$3/each = $3
  • 30 packets of Ramon @ $0.25 each = $7.50

TOTAL = $88.14 (round up to $100 for little things I forgot to include)

I can’t remember the link, but on SDN, someone wrote that whenever a friend drove to Costco, they would tag-along. Then they would constantly eat free samples until they were full. That’s pretty hardcore right there.

Do any of you students or homeless people reading my blog know how to eat for cheap?

The Hunt Begins

July 30, 2008

Today is July 30th. For most people, it’s just another day. For me, though, it’s the beginning of a two day hunt. You see, three apartments within a one-block area are having people move out so new tenants can move in. As a result, people throw away things they don’t want to haul away. They leave it in or around a dumpster. The quality/value of items people are willing to trash is remarkable. So tomorrow I’m going to look in and around dumpsters to see if I can pick anything nice.

I have my limits, though. I’m only going to peer over the top of the dumpster to see if there’s anything valuable in there. I’m not hardcore enough to dive in and churn up cardboard boxes to see if anything’s under there. That would leave me smelling like garbage juice. Not a good way to meet girls.

Check out this link for a detailed feature of dumpster diving.

I Wanted to Quit Pharmacy School

July 13, 2008

In my first year of pharmacy school, I underwent a period (about 3 weeks) where I insanely wanted to quit pharmacy school. It started about a month into my Spring semester. I looked at the current courses I was taking and saw the amount of tests I was taking for the semester. All the courses were pure science courses and I had 1-3 tests EACH WEEK. “F***!”, I said to myself. I didn’t want to put up with this for the next 3 years. So I sat down and calculated the total amount of loans if I dropped out this semester vs next year. Then I calculated the number of credits I would need to take if I wanted to complete a bachelors for undergrad.

I came up with this conclusion:

1. Drop out now instead of later. You’ll only have one semester of loans.

2. I can still get a bachelors on time with the same-year undergrads. I’ll just have to take summer classes.

This was going to be a HUGE decision. I slept on it, ate on it, took a dump on it, sat in class on it, daydreamed on it. I decided to e-mail a professor I trusted and asked to meet her. When we met, we talked about a bunch of stuff. It ranged from skipping my morning classes, residencies, my undergrad experience, extracurriculars, etc. When the meeting ended and I stepped out of her office, I felt an amorphous mix of relief and confusion.

So I decided to ask P2’s about wanting to quit pharmacy school. They shared similar stories about thinking of quitting pharmacy school to pursue something else. They also struggled with the many tests and still struggle to some point with the current course load. In the end, I decided this was a phase many P1’s go to. So I decided to bite the bullet and finish the semester. By the end of the semester, I totally was used to the workload. My first year GPA was pretty good. Not excellent, but good.

Part of being content with pharmacy school was the change in my mindset. I realized I was not alone and that most if not all my fellow colleagues were going through the same thing. We were all in this together. Also, I went to the gym more often. Weightlifting and playing basketball made me forget about everything else. In addition, hot girls at the gym helped.

My Goals in Life

July 4, 2008

I found a “Goals” document I made when I was in high school. I think I was 17 or 18 at the time. I think I had extra time on my hands and wanted to plan my life out. This is copy and paste verbatim.


Financial Goals

Ø Max out Roth IRA accounts each year

Ø Use rest of income to put in high-yield savings account

Ø After graduating pharmacy school, I’ll have $70,000/year.

Ø For first two years, pay off student loans. I’ll be 26.

Ø For next year, put down payment for house. I’ll be 27.

Ø For next three years, pay off the mortgage. I’ll be 30.

Short-term 18-25yo

start a side business

graduate from pharm school

get a dual degree or a pgy1 residency or both

midterm 25-30 yo

buy a house

max out IRA ROTH & 401K


Looking back at this, everything is pretty much on track except for my side business. It didn’t fare too well. It was a great learning experience though. I will probably give more info on this venture in a future post.

Oh yea, enjoy the fireworks.

Girls at the Gym.

June 30, 2008

There is this girl at the college gym I go to. She is very attractive. But that’s not all. She works out regularly and so seems healthy and confident. The girl is a cute white brunette with a slim physique. Last week I made eye contact with her a few times. We both were at the stretching mats. I was finished and rose to go to the men’s locker room. As I was walking past, she looked up at me and we locked eyes for a split second. I wanted to smile, but my damn smiling muscles locked up. Since then, I haven’t seen her at the gym and am a little bummed.

Then there’s this other gal. We both were leaving the gym and I was on her left side. After several seconds I mustered the strength to say something to her. But right before I did, she dropped the cap to her water bottle and so stopped to pick it up. I kept on walking forward and cursed my luck. Maybe I’m just not meant to pick up girls at the gym.

I find that girls who exercise regularly are of a higher quality than girls you normally find elsewhere. These gals seem healthier, more confident, and have better values. But I find it is so hard to approach people at the gym. If you’re a lady, how would you like to be approached at the college gym? When is the best moment?

My Problem with Girls

June 14, 2008

I’m single. I’ve been single for a long time. However, it’s not the fact that I can’t get girls. Females hit on me from time to time and if I responded, I would probably would be in a relationship. I think I’m fairly attractive, very athletic, intelligent, and I have a quirky personality. The reason why I don’t have a girlfriend right now is that I’M TOO DAMN PICKY!! I’m only attracted to supermodel type looking girls. Let me give you some examples of girls I find attractive and some that I find unattractive.

ATTRACTIVENESS (on a scale of 1-10) A one would be, “If she were the last female on earth and we had to continue the human race, I would still not do her.” A ten would be, “If I died, all the angels would look like her.”

Kristen Kruek (10)

Kristen Kreuk

Adriana Lima (10)

Adriana Lima

Sarah Jessica Parker (5 . . . maybe a 6). Can’t you see the resemblance? Be honest.

NeigghhhhI would actually rate this horse a 6.

I’m not trying to be mean to SJP. I’m just proving a point that I’m attracted to only really good-looking people. I can’t help it. That’s just the way I am.

Dog Days of Summer.

May 29, 2008

This is my daily schedule so far.

1pm Wake up, stare at the ceiling for 30 minutes

1:30 Wash face, eat breakfast

2:00 Surf internet, check email, occasionally blog

3:30 Eat something

4:00 Go to library and read magazines

5:00 Gym

6:00 Eat, shower

7:00 Do something

8:00 Watch TV

11:00 More Internet surfing

1:00 Read a book (currently The House of God)

3:00 Sleep

This schedule isn’t bad at all. I feel very relaxed and pretty happy throughout the day. Sometimes I get bored though.  This schedule will probably change once I get a job . . . if I get a job. I thought as a pharmacy intern it would be relatively easy to get a job, but apparently that is not the case. Something always falls through. Oh well.

In other news, it’s nice to see that someone is reading my blog, even if it is just one person (AC). As long as people are reading/commenting, I’ll keep writing. Can you all do me a favor and post a comment so I know if anyone else is reading? Thanks.