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Who’s More Successful: High School Geek, Jock or Class Clown?

October 10, 2008

I recently read an interesting article on different types of high school students and how successful they become in life.  To quickly summarize the article, Careerbuilder gave a survey and asked people to group themselves in one of eight categories: student government, athlete, geek, honor society, cheerleader, drama club, teacher’s pet, or class clown.  I just wanted to compare my own labels to how these types do in their career.

For me, I did not specifically belong in only category.  I classified myself as 25% athlete, 40% geek, and 35% honor society.  So it’s not surprising that “Former honor society members, athletes and geeks mostly hold professional and technical services positions at 59 percent, 55 percent and 52 percent, respectively.”  Pharmacy is a professional degree so this fits well.

Some advantages of being a honor society member and geek is that 10% make more than $100000 and 47% make $50000 or more.  A disadvantage of being a geek is that they are most dissatisfied with their job (21%).