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A Haiku to Tim Duncan.

July 22, 2008

It was originally titled “An Ode to Tim Duncan”. However, I don’t know how to write an ode. So a haiku will have to do.  The reason why I write for TD is because he’s my role model.  Sounds cheesy, I know.  Everyone who knows me well knows I love Manu.  I have three of this jerseys: his Spurs away jersey, his Spurs home jersey, and his Argentina Olympic jersey!  However, TD is the player on the Spurs I respect the most.  When he wins, he acts the same way . . . when he loses, he acts the same way . . . with grace and sportsmanship.  If I have kids, I will show them pics and videos of Duncan and say, “This is how you should act in sports.  If you act like this, few people will love you, but no one will hate you, and almost everyone will have your respect.  So here’s the haiku.

Flagship of the Spurs
Sports Illustrated sportsman
Big Fundamental